City name : Douz

Region : Djerid

Description :

Thirty kilometres from Kébili, Douz is a small town that was a meeting place for nomads and owed its existence to an abundant water-spring. Today is known for its artesian wells.

Douz, the urban center of the Mrazigs, is already in the Sahara Desert and quicksand dunes surround the small town. Its weekly market is held on Thursdays, and attracts camel nomads from the region. The handicrafts sector in Douz is very active. Artisans, whose expertise is the fruit of a long tradition, are very creative at making finely decorated yellow or beige belghas – Arab slippers -, camel-bristle shoes, soft burnous, and embroidered Saharan costumes.

The International Sahara Festival, which is held every year in Douz, is the region’s most significant tourist and cultural event. It focuses on Saharan and nomadic life: caravan departures are a major tribal event as are marriage and other ceremonies, sheep-shearing and greyhound hunting scenes.

 However, Douz has yet another appeal. It is the last stage before the great Saharan adventure. Given its proximity to the Great Erg, it is the gateway to the Sahara Desert and its graceful expanses of sand.

Airports :
- TOE : Tozeur