City name : Tabarka

Region : Tabarka

Description :

Tabarka’s distinguishing feature is the intimate triangular alliance between sea, mountain and forest. The mountain is covered with a dense forest of oak, pine, birch and mimosa.

Tabarka, ancient Phoenician Thapraca, became a Roman trading post before becoming Byzantine. The town with its distinctive red roofing tiles is now one of the country's most beautiful tourist resorts, with first-class hotels, beautiful residences, a smart marina, an environment-friendly golf course and an international airport.

Tabarka relies on culture and ecology. Its International Jazz Festival, a continuous celebration involving the tourist resort and the city, has been world-renowned for many years. In addition, many other cultural events liven up city life during the summer months. 

The preference is now for scuba-diving and fishing, yachting, international sub-aquatic photo and film competitions, trekking, and horseback riding in the forest or on the beach.

There is a good choice of excursions from Tabarka. For example, nearby Aïn Drahim is a charming small town high up in the mountain. Lake Ichkeul,

Archaeological sites are numerous: Bulla Regia with its unique underground villas

Chemtou and its new museum

Dougga - the well-preserved ruins of a Numidian and Roman city, with its capitol, theatre, temples, triumphal arch, houses and a Punic mausoleum.

Airports :
- TUN : Tunis-Carthage
- TBJ : Tabarka